About was created by Dan Dutton in the first quarter of 2012.

Our mission is to empower individuals with practical tools and information that can help them to successfully stop smoking for good.

Our platform is built on a simple system that our founder, Dan Dutton, developed and used himself to kick his 40-a-day habit.

After many unsuccessful attempts at quitting smoking, Dan identified a lack of motivation and encouragement as the primary cause of why he ‘quit’ quitting.

So, he created a set of simple timers that gave him up-to-the minute information about how long he’d quit for and how much money and time he had saved during the cessation process. He also gave himself small rewards for reaching specific milestones.

Although it doesn’t seem like much, knowing exactly how much money and time he’d saved at any given moment helped him enormously to stop smoking.

Armed with the knowledge of how successful his system was, he set about the mammoth task of making it available to the masses in the hope that he could help others stop smoking too.

The result of these efforts is

The Stop Smoking College is divided into two sections; the stop smoking blog, which provides information about the quitting process and smoking cessation aids (such as nicotine replacement therapy) and the members area, which creates a personalized quit smoking plan for each and every member as well as displaying their individual progress.

Everything on this website is provided free of charge.

We don’t believe in making people pay ridiculously high fees to improve their lifestyle and prolong their life – our reward is knowing that we’ve done some good in the world.



However, there are certain expenses associated with running such a website and we’re often asked how we can afford to provide such a great service without asking for any money.

In answer to that question, our profit model consists of a number of income streams:

  • Donations: We ask everyone that we have helped to quit smoking to donate the value of 2 packets of cigarettes towards the upkeep of the site. This is totally voluntary and we do not ask until an individual has graduated from the course and become an non-smoker.
  • Advertising: Our website displays useful, relevant ads to our visitors that we get a small commission from if they are clicked.
  • Commissions: We partner with a number of businesses that provide stop smoking products and services and display links to their websites. If one of our visitors goes on to purchase, we earn a small affiliate commission.

If our stop smoking program appeals to you, you can get started right now by enrolling on our course.

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