How To Quit Smoking

Welcome to The Stop Smoking College Blog.

The aim of The Stop Smoking College is to help as many people as possible to quit smoking by providing all the information, tools and support they need to kick the habit forever. The resources we provide are 100% FREE and always will be.

To help you to quit smoking, we recommend that you go through the following steps.

  1. First, enroll on our online quit smoking program. In the members area, you will be able to set your Quit Date, keep a log of how long you’ve quit for and how much money you’ve saved, find out what’s happening to your body each step of the way, write in your own personal journal and much more.
  2. Next, read our article about how to prepare for your Quit Date.
  3. Read our article on how to how to cope with nicotine withdrawal symptoms.
  4. When it comes to your Quit Date, snap any remaining cigarettes in your posession.
  5. If you have a slip-up or relapse, don’t panic!


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