Please Help The Stop Smoking College

Hey guys,

Dan Dutton here.

You may or may not know that The Stop Smoking College is a free service run by volunteers as a non-profit organisation.

Although we try to keep our running costs to a minimum, we are still in dire need of funds to help keep the website up-and-running, so we are turning to you to ask for help.

If you are one of the many hundreds of people that have successfully stopped smoking, you already know that you have saved yourself many thousands of pounds, which would otherwise have been spent on cigarettes.

To help keep The Stop Smoking College up-and-running, we would like to encourage you to consider making a small donation towards its upkeep. Perhaps the cost of one or two packs of cigarettes?

Click here to make a donation.

We understand that these are difficult financial times, so please only make a donation if you can afford it.

Thanks for listening,

Kind Regards,

Dan Dutton
Founder of The Stop Smoking College

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