Alternative Medications/Therapies

Nicotine Replacement Therapy and prescribed drugs are the recommended medications to use to stop smoking. Indeed, if you ask your doctor about stopping smoking, they will advise one of these methods, along with one-on-one or group support.

You may have heard of alternative methods of stopping smoking, such as:

Although these methods have undoubtedly helped many people to become smoke free, there is no clinical evidence to back up their efficacy. For this reason, The Stop Smoking College cannot professionally recommend them as smoking cessation aids.

Despite this, there are countless testimonials from people that have used these methods (especially electronic cigarettes), so they cannot be ignored completely.

Which puts us in bit of a sticky situation. We cannot recommend them, but we know that they do work for some people.

For this reason, we have decided to simply provide information about the products along with personal opinions from members and staff of The Stop Smoking College.

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