Liberro Realis Electronic Cigarettes Starter Pack Review

Liberro Realis Starter Kit

Liberro Realis Starter Kit

One of the best-tasting electronic cigarettes on the market

About the company

Liberro is a family-run company founded in 2008 by Simon and Emma Christou.

Simon was a dependent tobacco smoker but after being introduced to electronic cigarettes, he quickly became a convert and was so impressed with them that he launched his own business to promote them.

The Liberro brand is dedicated to quality throughout all areas of its organisation. They were the first ecig company to attain ISO9001 accreditation and are one of the founder members of  The Electronic Cigarette Industry Trade Association (ECIT).

About the product

Liberro Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

Liberro Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit

The LIBERRO Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit consists of two batteries (the white parts), six cartomizers/filters (the orange part) a charging case (for recharging the batteries), a USB charging cable, a 30ml bottle of refill e-liquid (not pictured) and an optional mains charger (not pictured).

These are packaged together in a high-quality cardboard box along with instructions for use. NOTE: the e-liquid and mains charger are packaged separately).

Cartomizers are available in high (18mg/1.8% nicotine), medium (14mg/1.4% nicotine) and low (11mg/1.1% nicotine) strengths. Cartomizers with no nicotine in them are also available. Both tobacco and menthol flavours are available. Each cartomizer contains enough liquid for the equivalent of between 10 and 15 regular cigarettes.

This starter kit costs £40 (with the mains charger) or £35 without it. A refill pack containing 5 cartomizers (equivalent to around 100 cigarettes) is available for £7.99.

Our review

Our review was conducted by a panel of five tobacco smokers and one regular electronic cigarette user (our resident ‘vaper’). At the same time, we also reviewed products from The Electronic Cigarette Company, Totally Wicked, Intellicig, Smoke Relief and Pulse.

The starter kit we used for testing was 18mg strength and tobacco flavoured.

Liberro Starter Kit Out-of-the-Box

Liberro Realis Starter Kit Out-of-the-Box

After opening the box and removing the items, we read the documentation that came with it, which was very comprehensive and easy to understand.

The plastic box was similar in size to a packet of cigarettes, although, obviously, much heavier. Inside, there were spaces for two batteries and five cartomizers. One of the battery spaces was deep enough to store a battery with a cartomizer attached.

An interesting little extra was the two torch lights built into the box. One is on the bottom pointing outwards and the other inside the box itself and both can be operated by separate buttons on the front of the box. Although not really necessary, we agreed it was a nice little touch for if you find yourself wanting an ecig in the dark.

The box also doubled as a portable charging device in case you find yourself isolated from a power supply. Simply charge up the box before you go out and when a battery runs out, you can screw it into the slot on the box and it will recharge. Because this package comes with two batteries, you can always have one charging whilst the other is use. This means it is very unlikely that you will find yourself in a position where you are unable to use an ecig because the batteries have run out.

Whilst on the subject of charging the Liberro ecig pack, we should mention that there are two options; plug it into a computer via the USB lead or plug it into the mains using the USB lead and power adapter. Please note that if you require the power adapter, it costs an extra fiver.

Liberro Charger

Liberro Charger


Once charged, you screw a cartomizer into a battery and are ready to go. Liberro electronic cigarettes are slighter shorter, thinner and lighter than other ecigs we tested and can be held much more comfortably in the mouth (hands-free) – of course they’re still heavier than regular cigarettes but they are the lightest ecigs we tested.

Unfortunately, the smaller battery and cartomizers means compromises elsewhere – the battery life and sucks-per-cartomizer is slightly lower than larger units.

Size Comparison: Liberro (left) and Regular Ecig (Right)

Size Comparison: Liberro (left) and Regular Ecig (Right)

When the ecig is sucked, the end glows red and a nicotine/vapor solution is inhaled. The taste and throat-hit of the Liberros was unanimously agreed by our panel to be one of the best. Every single tester enjoyed the Liberros and and 4 out of the six ranked it is their number one choice. One of our panel has successfully quit smoking for nearly a month by using our Liberro sample!

Things we liked about this product:

  • Great portable charging method
  • Great taste & throat-hit
  • Size & weight

Things we didn’t like about this product:

  • Battery life/Cartomizer life
  • Price


Overall, our panel agreed that Liberro ecigs were one of the best products they had tried. All members ranked it either number one or number two when asked to put all six products we tested in order of preference.

Although the battery and cartomizers seem to to run out quicker than other comparable products, the mobile charging pack is a great idea and ensures that you don’t get ‘caught short’ when you want a nicotine hit. And the smaller, lighter form factor makes it as close to smoking a regular cigarette as possible.

Altogether, our panel highly recommends the Liberro Realis Electronic Cigarette Starter Kit, in particular the guy who stopped smoking with them.

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DISCLAIMER: Electronic cigarettes are NOT a recognised smoking cessation aid (see disclaimer).

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