SmokeRelief Deluxe Rechargeable eCigarette Kit Review

Smoke Relief Starter Kit

Smoke Relief Starter Kit

A comprehensive starter kit with everything you need to give ecigs a serious try.

About the company

Smoke Relief is dubbed as “America’s Number One Electronic Cigarette“. Despite this bold claim, we were unable to find out very much at all about the company itself!

In the UK, Smoke Relief products are distributed exclusively by The General Trading Company (Europe) Ltd, whom we emailed to request a product sample. A couple of days later, the Smoke Relief Deluxe Rechargeable eCigarette Kit arrived on our doorstep. Other than that we’ve received no other communication with them.

The main trading name of The General Trading Co is JD Harris and as well as Smoke Relief, they also run and

About the product

SmokeRelief Starter Kit Contents

SmokeRelief Starter Kit Contents

The Smoke Relief Deliuxe Rechargeable eCigarette Kit is shipped in a high quality presentation box containing everything an ecig smoker needs to get going.

There are two batteries (the white part of the ecig) and five tobacco cartomizers (the yellow  or filter part of the ecig) plus five cartomizers of your chosen flavour, making a total of 10 cartomizers. In addition, there is a small plastic carry case with slots for the two batteries and four cartomizers. The case also doubles up as a mobile recharging unit, which means you can charge up the batteries on the move. Finally, there are three chargers; a USB dongle that allows you to charge a battery from the USB port of a computer, a USB cable that allows you to charge the box from the USB of a computer and a mains charger, which allows you to charge the box from the mains.

Cartomizers are available in high (22mg), medium (18mg) and low (12mg) nicotine strengths, with a variety of flavours available including tobacco, menthol, cherry, cappuccino, vanilla, apple and peach. You also have the option to get a mix of flavours.

This starter kit costs £29.97 and a refill pack containing 5 cartomizers is available for £5.95.

Our review

Our review was conducted by a panel of five tobacco smokers and one regular electronic cigarette user (our resident ‘vaper’). At the same time, we also reviewed products from The Electronic Cigarette Company, Totally Wicked, Intellicig, Liberro and Pulse.

The starter kit we used for testing was 18mg strength and tobacco flavoured.

Smoke Relief Deluxe Starter Kit Presentation Box

Smoke Relief Deluxe Starter Kit Presentation Box


The first thing we liked about the Smoke Relief Starter Kit was the nice presentation box it arrived in. Compared to other products, it made us feel as though Smoke Relief was at the high-end of the ecig market. But maybe this was a clever ploy from Smoke Relief’s marketing company – was it all style and no substance? Read on to find out…

SmokeRelief: Opening the box...

SmokeRelief: Opening the box…

We opened the box to reveal the user instructions (at the top of the above photo), the recharging box/carry case (on the left), the cartomizers (in the upper box on the right) and the charging adapters (in the lower box on the right).

The carry case was comparable in size to a regular pack of cigarettes, however it was quite a bit heavier due to the fact it contains a battery for recharging purposes. Inside, there were spaces for the two batteries and four cartomizers.

Smoke Relief Recharging Box/Carry Case

Smoke Relief Recharging Box/Carry Case

One of the battery slots allows a battery to be screwed in and charged. This is achieved by holding down the button on the face of the case. This allows you to recharge on battery whilst using the second and then swapping them over when one runs out of juice.

Of course, you have to ensure that the case itself is regularly charged up, either by using the mains adapter or USB cable. By pressing the button on the face of the unit, a small LCD display will show you the amount of charge left.

Within the kit, there is also a USB battery charger that lets you charge the battery (the white part of the ecig) without using the recharging case at all. Simply screw the battery into the USB dongle and insert it into a USB port on your computer.

With such a wide variety of charging options, the Smoke Relief product is the most comprehensive kit we tested.

SmokeRelief Cartomizer (yellow) & Battery (White)

SmokeRelief Cartomizer (yellow) & Battery (White)

Once a battery is charged, it is simply a matter of screwing a cartomizer into it and then inhaling the smoke by sucking on the end. When sucked, one end lights up red and a nicotine/water vapour is produced at the other.

The cartomizer/battery combination is heavier than a regular cigarette but this is to be expected. Consequently, it is rather difficult to hold in between you lips like some tobacco smokers are used to.

Smoke Relief E-Cigarette

Smoke Relief E-Cigarette

Our panel ranked the taste and throat-hit from the Smoke Relief ecig as very good, on par with the Pulse ecig.

Things we liked about this product:

  • Great portable charging method
  • Very nicely laid out presentation box
  • Wide variety of charging options
  • Good taste/throat hit

Things we didn’t like about this product:

  • Lack of info about the company
  • Price


On the whole, we were rather impressed with The Smoke Relief Deluxe Rechargeable eCigarette Kit.

The most impressive thing about the kit is how comprehensive it is. Multiple charging options, 10 cartomizers, 2 batteries and the carry case means you get plenty of bang for your buck.

We think it provides excellent value for money – the only reason we have noted price as a bad point above is because 30 quid may seem a lot to a tobacco smoker that simply wants to try the product out – however, this kit the cheapest high-end product currently available on the market. If you’re looking for a cheaper way to try Smoke Relief products, you can get a mini-starter kit for just £9.95 (see our review here).

The battery life, cartomizer life, taste and throat-hit are all good (although not quite the best we tried).

The lack of publicly available information about the company may be a little disconcerting to some people, however our limited interaction with Smoke Relief has been great.

One of our panel is currently using them instead of smoking tobacco. Although he is only a couple of days into his smoking cessation, preliminary reports have been good.

Click here to get your Smoke Relief Deluxe Recharcgeabl eCigarette Starter Kit

DISCLAIMER: Electronic cigarettes are NOT a recognised smoking cessation aid (see disclaimer).

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