Winner of Distractions! & Journal of the Month March 2013

Hey guys,

Apologies for the delay in getting the points totted up for March’s game of Distractions! but we’re finally ready to announce the winner(s).

But first, we’d like to announce March’s Journal of the Month Award, which goes to SnoreLack. Despite some colourful language, this diary is an interesting and honest account of the frustrations and irritations that smoking cessation can cause for some people. Well worth a read (although you should maybe give it a miss if you are offended by strong language).

So, congratulations SnoreLack. You get an extra 100 points added onto you’re Distractions! score for the month of March.

Unfortunately, this wasn’t quite enough to take first place, which goes to Korrin, however the team here have decided to award the prize of a free copy of The Stop Smoking College Handbook to both Snorelack and Korrin.

We’ll be emailing both winners to tell them about their prize imminently. Well done everybody that entered and get ready for another month of Distractions!, which will begin soon…

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