Hello there,

The Stop Smoking College is a totally free service, run by volunteers and designed to help smokers become non-smokers.

Although we do our utmost to keep running costs to a minimum, it is impossible to eradicate them completely.

We receive no private funding and earn only a small sum from the ads on our website (which we have endeavoured to keep to a minimum).

Consequently, we are asking our members and anyone else who believes in our cause to help keep The Stop Smoking College running by donating a small sum towards its upkeep.

Since our launch in 2012, we have helped hundreds of smokers to kick the habit and saved them thousands of pounds/dollars. If each member that we helped donated what they would of spent on one or two packets of cigarettes, we would have enough to keep the website running for one year.

So please consider making a small donation by clicking the 'DONATE' button below and help ensure that other smokers get the opportunity to benefit from our program.

Thanks for listening,

Dan Dutton
Founder of The Stop Smoking College