indifferent D Day

Well I'm 2 hours away from my moment of truth...feeling a little nervous. I know there will be no better time to do this but my multitude of false starts and missed attempts are weighing on my mind somewhat.
There is a part of me that says without a solid sense of certainty this won't work, but another part (the one I want to listen to) says I'll probably never be absolutely certain of success until I actually succeed. Kind of a "rock and a hard place" situation here, but I've decided to do this and I am going to see it through. This is something I need to do now, I don't want to get to the end of my PT course and still be sucking this shit down, that just doesn't gel well with me.
I think I need to keep reminding myself of all the physiological rewards I'm about to start seeing. I'm going to start monitoring my heart rate regularly and running some different fitness tests on myself so I have some tangible results to look at rather that just accepting that these things are improving, I think that will help a lot. Currently my resting heart rate is around 85 BPM which for someone in the fitness industry is just pathetic...lets see how quickly that changes.
It's nearly time to get this done so I'm going to follow it through and this time I WILL reach my goal.

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