happy It Feels Great To Be a Non-Smoker

Just wanted to update my journal to remind myself how great it is to be a non-smoker.

Apart from the obvious improvements to my health and cashflow, I feel happier in general and find I have loads more energy than ever before.

I used to get worn out walking to the shop - within a couple of months of being smoke-free I don't even get out of breath now. I also used to feel tired all the time, even after a good night's sleep. Nowadays I have far more energy and can do more of the stuff I enjoy. Plus I don't have to interrupt the stuff I enjoy to have a fag.

I think smoking also made me a bit depressed.  Every time I lit a cigarette I felt totally out of control. That cigarettes were living my life for me. Now I feel totally IN control.

So quitting smoking is perhaps one of the best things I ever did and I'm sooooooo glad I did it.

happy Still Not Smoking :)

I've been smoke-free for over a month and I couldn't be happier.

I find I have more energy, more time and can concentrate much better without the distraction of cigarettes. I wish I had done this a long long time ago but I'm really proud of myself for what I've achieved :)

indifferent Ups and Downs

Okay. Things haven't been going that great for the last few days. 

Although I'm still off the cigarettes, I can no longer say I'm off the nicotine because I've had a few puffs on my electronic cigarette.

I relented to my nicotine addiction at around 2am on the fifth day because the withdrawal pangs were becoming very regular and I was unable to sleep. With three kids to look after, I NEED to get enough sleep so I had a few drags on my e-cig and drifted away.

Since then I've used the e-cig every day, although only a few times each day.

I've got through the first week without a fag and I'm really proud about that - didn't think I'd ever manage it. And I went to the pub with my mates and didn't even feel like a smoke - the smell of it actually made me feel a bit sick!

One thing I've noticed since I quit is that I've been getting a lot of mouth ulcers but I can't say whether it is directly related to quitting smoking or not. I've also got a bastard of a toothache and my mouth feels really dirty (as I mentioned in my previous post).

So, there's been good and bad in my first week of being a non-smoker. I'm a little gutted that I had to start using the e-cigarette after lasting so long without nicotine but I'm pleased I had it around as my back-up because otherwise I think I definitely would have bought a pack of cigarettes. And the ecig is much less harmful than a real cig and (according to my girlfriend) is easy to wean off.

Apart from my toothache, I feel quite happy and the cravings have all but gone. 

sad Still Hard Work...

Found not smoking really difficult today - the cravings were very bad indeed as well as headaches, limited concentration and hot flushes lol.

If this is how I'm going to have to live the rest of my life, I'm going straight back on the ciggies. It may result in a totally different set of problems, but it's a set of problems I know how to handle!

I've read loads of stuff that about quitting smoking that says after 72 hours, you're no longer addicted to the nicotine and it's just the habit or 'triggers' that's left to overcome.


I don't feel like crap because of a habit, I feel like crap because of an addiction!

It's been 4 days and 20 hours since my last cigarette and the fact that I've saved over £50 by not smoking is the only thing that's keeping me going lol!

The health benefits are (thus far) non-existent!

sad Fourth Day Blues

Day 4 and over £40 saved but I've been feeling a bit out of sorts today.

The worst thing is my mouth - it feels dirty and my breath stinks. I have to keep brushing my teeth!

I thought when I quit smoking, I would have lovely fresh breath all the time but that is not the case. I actually preferred my mouth as a smoker!

I've been told it's because my lungs are clearing out the years of crap that have built up inside them and it'll be a bit longer before my breath feels clean again :(


indifferent The Third Day

I've gone almost 2 and a half days without a cigarette and things are beginning to get slightly better.

Day 2 wasn't very nice at all and I couldn't concentrate on anything and kept getting headaches. The mental/emotional strain of resisting cigarettes has also been taking it's toll and I've been absolutely knackered by 10pm every night!

So far, day 3 has been slightly easier although I did get my biggest ever craving about an hour ago and for the first time since I stopped smoking, I was actually very tempted to go and buy some cigarettes. Fortunately, I managed to resist the temptation!

I feel there's been a constant battle between my conscious and subconscious mind since quitting. My conscious, rational mind cannot think of a single logical reason to smoke but my subconscious keeps trying to 'trick' my conscious into lighting up - and it's very nearly succeeded. It's used arguments such as:

  • - Just one quick ciggy won't make a difference
  • - A ciggy will help you concentrate
  • - What if you're special and cigarettes are suppressing some other disease and you'll die if you don't smoke?

Yep, I know it's crazy but that is what my mind is telling me. Nevertheless I've managed to stay vigilant and things are supposed to get easier after the first 72 hours - and I've only got 12 of them left to go....

happy The First Day

After nearly 32 hours of being quit, I'm still getting regular urges to smoke but am finding it easier to overcome them.

Still getting a slight headache and finding concentration difficult but on the plus side, breathing has become amazingly easier! I didn't think I had a problem with breathing before but now I seem to be able to inhale about 5 times more air with each breath I take!

It seems the benefits of being a non-smoker are beginning to show themselves :)

happy 21 Hours Quit

After 21 hours of being a non-smoker, I feel as though I've gone through a whole range of feelings and emotions and am now feeling very worn out!

Throughout the day, I've had bouts of happiness and sadness, calmness and anxiety, illness and wellness. They haven't been terribly nasty bouts of illness (slight headaches, irritability, lethargy etc.) but enough to make me think "I could fix this if I had a fag". 

Fortunately, I never gave in to the urge and I think that the Stop Smoking College has helped a lot in that regard. Just looking at my panel now, I see that I've saved over a tenner by not smoking today and that's great motivation to carry on.

I might spend that tenner on a little treat for myself tomorrow :)

sad Agitated & Can't Concentrate!

I'm almost 18 hours into quitting smoking and I'm feeling very irritable and can't seem to concentrate on anything. Fortunately my kids are being very well-behaved and supportive (my daughter in particular who asked me to stop smoking a few weeks ago).

The last hour or two have been the most difficult so far, especially straight after dinner. A pint of water seemed to help with the withdrawal symptoms somewhat.

I'm trying to take it 1 minute at a time (and sometimes one second at a time). I'm determined to do this after so many previous failures...

happy Saved 7 Quid Already!

Just logged into my control panel and was shocked to see I've saved £7 already!

And I've only been quit for almost 15 hours!

If that's not motivation to keep going, I don't know what is! Lol

indifferent 11 Hours In

I've not had a cigarette for around 11 hours now and I'm starting to feel a little light-headed and dizzy.

To be honest, I've really only been actively quit for a little over an hour because I was asleep the rest of the time lol.

According to this article on the Stop Smoking Colleges blog:

  • - My blood pressure and heart rate should now be normal
  • - The temperature of my hands and feet should be normal
  • - Oxygen levels in my blood should be normal
  • - The CO and nicotine levels in my body should have reduced by half

I actually feel a bit shitty and although I've been quite tempted to have a ciggy, I've got over the cravings by sipping drinks until the urges dissipate.

happy Excited About Quitting

It's around 8 hours until I quit smoking (at midnight on Monday May 7th 2012) and I'm very excited about the imminent change to my life - although I'm also a little scared.

I smoke around 40 cigarettes every day and plan to quit using willpower alone although I do have an E-cigarette to hand if I need it.

I really don't want to use the e-cigarette and will be most disappointed if I do, but if I do screw up, I'd rather just have nicotine going into my body than all the other crap that's contained within cigarettes.

So, why do I want to quit?

There's actually lots of reasons but the main reason is because I hate the way cigarettes control my life. I hate having to depend on them to feel normal - to feel the same way that non-smokers do without the need for tobacco.

Another of my primary reasons for quitting is money - the amount of money I stand to save by quitting is staggering!

I don't feel particularly unhealthy as a smoker - I can keep up with most non-smokers when doing physical activity. But I am aware that it isn't good for me and the longer I smoke, the more at risk I am from nasty diseases.

So, at midnight tonight I will be a non-smoker. I know it's going to be hard but I can't wait to start stopping :)

happy Enrolled on Stop Smoking College's Quit Smoking Program

Member118 enrolled on the free online quit smoking program provided by The Stop Smoking College.

They aim to kick their 40 a day habit by using the following methods:

  • Willpower only
  • Electronic cigarettes

Their reasons for quitting include:

  • Better health
  • More money
  • To look and smell better
  • To save time
  • To improve their senses of smell and taste
  • To make a family or friend happy
  • To improve their fertility or the health of their children
  • To regain control of their life