happy Obsessed much....?

Cigarettes have been on my mind today! 
Not cause i want one but just thinking about all of the activities that i associate with smoking. 
  1. First one of the day
  2. On the phone
  3. With smoking friends
  4. With a cuppa a break time
  5. The one at the end of the day
  6. The one you have when you complete a task a home
  7. That one when you are bored
  8. When driving
  9. In a beer garden

  1. The list could go on...... However that is over for me but it is strange the have to disassociate it with so mant aspects of my lifee! Well i guess if it was easy no one in the world would smoke?!?!?
  2. I will carry on.

indifferent Dive!

Things i learnt today:
📎I get a little bit cranky if i am having a craving but managed to get mind over matter and positive thinking prevailed!

  •  📎Singing makes me feel good when i am driving and have too much time to think and crave.

  • 📎Doing something strenuous reminds me of why I gave up and makes me look forward to how much fitter you can become.

  • 📎 That with each little bit of fear that goes- there is a little bit of pride in mysrlf to take it's place!

I still have a long way to go but i am feeling happy and positive for the moment!

happy Day 2 22:46

I am feeling relatively confident so far on attempt number five! I have really considered the way i am addressing the issue. I have sought support from my smoking friends an informed them of my decision and reasons for wanting to do this! I have asked them to remind me of those reasons over the coming days/weeks if i begin to doubt my decision. 
I know that choosing to be free from cigarettes is the right decision for me, but i do not want to fall into the same trap again. I am not missing smoking, if i get the urge i just remind myself that it is my body releasing part of the habit , cutting one tie at a time.  Then i breathe deep and tell myself that this is clear and my brain should feed on that! 
I just need to place greater confidence in my decisions and not be fearful of change- not just with smoking- this is true for my whole personality!!!!

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