sad Oops...

so, i've been doing great. got through almost the whole weekend without a cigarette and then for some daft reason i bought a pack of ten. very annoyed with myself, i definitely shouldn't have done it but i did. i didn't even enjoy the first one but it wasn't enough to make me throw the other 9 away. im currently sucking on my second as i write this.

so, where do i go from here?

I know i don't need tobacco and the only side effects i've had from quitting is that i've been a little more tired and had some lucid dreams. but i must still have some emotional requirement to smoke because i want to finish the pack before i quit again! i's weird  - i don't want to smoke but i do want to smoke.

why can't you buy just one cigarette? maybe it's because tobacco companies know that it takes ten cigarettes to get u hooked again? if thats the case, then i just thwarted their plans because i just snapped one of my cigarettes. there's 7 left in the pack and when their gone, i plan to be a non-smoker again.

i know i screwed up and no-one is more annoyed about it than me but i will conquer my addiction. the three and a half days i've been without cigarettes have been fantastic and i want to go back to that. i've saved over 40 quid as well which is great for my motivation.

just hopin i don't go back to my old ways.......

happy 18 Quid Up

just checked the members area and i'm 18 quid in profit. and it's not even been 2 days yet! jesus, i used to spend so much money on tobacco. going into town later with my bro (who is a smoker) so i'm gonna treat myself to a little reward with the money i've saved. i'm also going to tell my bro about Dan and the stop smoking college.

indifferent Tiredness & Weird Dreams

day 2 without tobacco and i'm well proud of myself. i never thought i could do it. and what's more i never believed it could be so easy. thank you very much, Dan, for showing me how to stop smoking so easily!

there have been one or two difficult moments. one yesterday afternoon and one this morning when i went to the shop to cash in a winning scratch card. both times i tried to persuade myself that one cigarette would be okay but then i remembered what Dan taught me and i avoided the temptation.

one thing i noticed last night is that not smoking is making me tired. apparently this is a common withdrawal symptom due to fighting off cravings, changes in metabolism and changes in sleeping patterns. more info here:

i usually stay up quite late (midnight, at least) but went to bed at 10pm last night. and i had some weird and wonderful and scary dreams.  despite the early night, i woke up still feeling tired. like yesterday, in my tired stupor immediately after waking i thought i wanted a cigarette but after laying in bed for 10 minutes i managed to persuade myself that i really didn't. i also had a really tight chest when i woke up but ive been assured that this is also a natural reaction to quitting smoking.

getting used to not smoking is a strange experience. apart from the two major cravings i've had in the last 30 hours its been quite easy to not smoke but every time i do something i think about smoking. its only brief but it feels weird to not light up at the times i used to light up.

i don't miss my cigarettes at all, except for a couple of times, but that was just my mind playing tricks on me. i don't think i need to ask for anyone's best wishes or to pray to keep off tobacco because i now know that i can do it quite easily. i'm still a little scared i'll slip up but i'm quietly confident i won't.

indifferent Cravings/Withdrawal Symptoms

it's been 14 hours now since my last cigarette. apart from the craving i had when i woke up, I had a pretty major craving at lunchtime. i was so very close to buying a pack of cigarettes  but telling myself how much i wanted cigarettes out of my life helped me to avert that disaster! 

i also had a minor craving after my lunch. i didn't realise it was a craving at first. something was wrong. i felt like i should be doing something important. then it dawned on me that i used to smoke after eating. and i was missing my after-lunch cigarette. once i realised this, the craving went away quite quickly.

happy Ten Hours In....

hey guys,

i've stopped smoking for ten hours now and i have to say i feel great. i'm already feeling as though i have more energy and am breathing easily.

i used to have terrible trouble breathing - i felt i was pretty fit as a smoker but i'd always have a bit of tightness around my chest after any light activity. after just ten hours without a cigarette, i feel as if this tightness has been released. i can take long deep breaths a lot more easier than before. the best thing i can compare it to is when you have a menthol sweet when you have a cold. but i feel like that all the time lol.

waking up in the morning was the most difficult time. i'd usually drag myself out of bed and go downstairs to smoke a cigarette. this time i set my alarm extra early and just lay there in bed for half an hour gathering my thoughts and telling myself that i wasn't going to smoke. this was Dan's idea - it worked a treat! Rather than getting up half asleep and getting agitated, i just lay in bed, relaxed myself and composed myself and told myself that there would be no cigarettes today. i tried to fight it at first and had a little argument with myself, but in the end i convinced myself that this was the best thing to do.

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