happy Over 13 weeks !!!

Still not smoking , I am a happy non smoker richer, healthier,smell nice, can enjoy non smokers company I can also enjoy smokers company without longing.

So pleased I have done it !!!!!

Janet the non smoker,
good luck to all........... 

happy I am still a non smoker

Yes, Yes, Yes, six weeks a non smoker and its great, its a hard thing to stop but it is the best thing you can do for yourself, that is the one thing I have learnt.

I feel very pleased that I can write this as I never thought I could !!!

Janet the non smoker.

happy Three weeks a non smoker

It's great to say three weeks and still not smoking !!!!  I am so pleased that I have stopped, I can spring clean and know it will never smell of tobacco again, my husband is busy painting and I am washing curtains and cleaning, my house is going to smell so nice and never ever again of tobacco.

Janet  the non smoker 

happy Day eighteen and holding fast

Yes i still have not touched the deadly weed !!!   I am so glad I have done this for myself the cravings are a lot easier and yes life is better being a non  smoker, so if you are thinking of quitting  do not hesitate its so rewarding !!!!

Good luck to all,
Janet  the non smoker

happy Day five

I am doing good, its hard but well worth it.

Another non smoking day done!!!!

Janet the non smoker.

happy Day four a good day

I have had a good day today, went shopping and bought a new top to celebrate, had coffee in a cafe and enjoyed the company instead of thinking about going outside for a smoke !!!!!

My husband is so proud of me, I got a large bouquet of flowers and another new top, it is so nice to have the support and be spoilt , it helps so much.

Last night I slept a lot better, so it has been a good day.

Janet the non smoker.

happy Another Day Smoke Free

I have managed another day, yes today was hard but I have done it !!! I am pleased with myself because it was a stressful day and I found myself wanting a smoke quite often, my mood is good and I have not got short tempered.  Last night was very bad I kept waking up hot and perspiring which made me very restless I hope tonight is better.  I can only expect withdrawal symptoms after smoking so long so I hope they will pass quickly.

I have done another day and fully intend to carry on, by the way on the plus side my chest is feeling a lot better and I have money saved, I do not smell of ash and I can taste things

Getting stronger,
Janet the non smoker !!!!!!!!!!!!

happy A great Valentines day

I got up this morning and felt good, I was up during the night and would have normally smoked, last night I did not need too!!! how good is that.  This morning I put on my patch and kept myself busy all day I found today easier than yesterday not many bad cravings and only used the spray once.

My Husband has been great  at keeping me company and helping to keep my mind off smoking by doing jobs together so I found I did not think about smoking and my house is getting a good spring clean what a bonus!!!!

I also got a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a lovely romantic card, I am a lucky Lady.

Happy Valentines day,
tomorrow I will be even stronger,

Janet (the non-smoker)

happy one day and smoke free

I am very very happy!!! I got up this morning and put on my patch and yes they do work, I have managed all day without my crutch, I can now see that I can manage without inhaling  poison all day, yes four times i have had a bad craving and used my spray but how much better for me than 20 cigs !!!

My husband took me out to dinner, which was so nice I could sit with him the whole time and enjoy his company instead of leaving him and going outside in the freezing cold to feed a dirty habit, I felt more relaxed and not thinking about my habit.

Yes I am proud of myself because I know I am doing it for me and my wonderful husband that never nagged or made me feel  inferior as other relatives very often did.

When I get up tomorrow I will be a non smoker, I will stick on my patch and be ready for the day. I am feeling confident that I can do this so here's to tomorrow!!!!

I hope this helps someone to make the decision, and feel as good as I do.

Good luck 

happy ash wednesday is my day

 have thought about giving up for so long, it  has  at last  got through that yes I can quit with help.  today i am going to smoke my last cigs i know its not going to be easy but i need to do it for me, not  for others who think i should give up, not for relatives who have nagged me to give up, but for myself, my health has been very bad, three weeks of suffering with my chest and still smoking, i can not believe that i can be so stupid to smoke with chronic  bronchitis  how stupid am i.???? 

I have told my doctor that tomorrow is the big day and my beloved husband  who really is the best so yes i have support.  I have my prescription for patches and  to improve my chances a spray when i need  a quick fix.

I have smoked since i was sixteen and now in my fifties, using twenty a day the odd day a few more if i am up late or awake during the night, I have to quit, I have to quit, and tomorrow  i will prove that i can.

If anyone  reads this please wish  me luck as I wish  you  all the luck in the world and hope we succeed.

Kind  regards to all,