happy First Day of the Rest of My Life

This is going to be the last time I quit smoking.  I just can't continue to poison myself any longer.  I'm having difficulty breathing and it scares me.  Two months ago I had 2 months 'clean' and felt great.  Why I started again I will never know.  I am the point that I have an anxiety attack every time I smoke a cigarette.  I'm petrified that I waited too long and am going to die soon of some horrible cancer.  Every day this week I've bought a pack of cigarettes, smoked 1, then totally disgusted and anxiety ridden threw the pack away...only to repeat the whole thing the next day.  That's a really expensive cigarette and just ridiculous really.  I'm tired of being a person who smokes. I don't know a single person who still smokes.  Thousands of people have quit for good.  I can too.

happy Enrolled on Stop Smoking College's Quit Smoking Program

Member1224 enrolled on the free online quit smoking program provided by The Stop Smoking College.

They aim to kick their 10 a day habit by using the following methods:

  • Willpower only
  • Psychotherapy

Their reasons for quitting include:

  • Better health
  • To look and smell better
  • To regain control of their life