sad Day 1. 4 hrs

I'm very very sad, not because I don't smoke, but because I see more clearly my other problems or fears that I had been probably hiding under the cigarette fog.

Physically I'm feeling absolutely normal, not like the last time I was quitting.

indifferent Day 1. Quit

I quit 22 minutes ago. In the middle of a cigarette - 3 pm - I extinguished it and cut into pieces 2 remaining cigarettes. Threw away the butts, cleaned and hid the ashtray, threw the rubbish away. Already had 1 craving. I am strong.

sad Day 1

I decided to stop in 50 minutes. Had to call in sick in my part time job, cos I work 7 days a week and from previous experience know that the first 2-3 days can be really shitty: sleepiness, lack of concentration and body coordination, sometimes irritability... Better deal with those in my castle, behind the walls, alone, when I can run away from the world when I feel like I can't stand it anymore. And where nobody will suffer because of my mood swings.

sad Restarted Quit Smoking Program

I have decided to wait another 2 hours before quitting and restarted my Quit Smoking Program with The Stop Smoking College.

I aim to kick their 40 a day habit by using WILLPOWER ONLY

My reasons for quitting are:

  1. I want to regain control of my life
  2. Because I am a MAN
  3. I want to make my family happy and  my girl-friend proud of me
  4. I want be healthy when I turn 100!
  5. I want better sports results
  6. I want more money

happy Enrolled on Stop Smoking College's Quit Smoking Program

Member1248 enrolled on the free online quit smoking program provided by The Stop Smoking College.

They aim to kick their 40 a day habit by using the following methods:

  • Willpower only

Their reasons for quitting include:

  • Better health
  • More money
  • To regain control of their life