happy 45 Smoke-Free Days

That's a month and a half without a cigarette.  It does get easier.  I rarely get a craving, and when I do, I just acknowledge it for what it is... a craving.... and then I move on to something else and forget about it.

I'm really happy not to be a smoker any longer.  I sure notice the smell on other people when I walk by a smoker, and I think, "Good God, did I smell that bad!"  It's really rather awful.

Still a little worried about meeting up with my smoking boyfriend in another couple of months, and then having him come to live with me for three months here in the USA.  Now when I get a craving there's no cigarettes around.  But with him there will be cigarettes around me all the time.  I'm just going to have to stay strong and remember my motto - it only takes one.

happy One Month Smoke Free!!

I am back again even though it looks like I am alone here and talking to myself! LOL

I am here to celebrate my first month of being smoke-free.  What a good feeling that is!  I pretty much don't think about smoking any more.  Occassionally (rarely) I will get an urge or a craving, but I just acknowledge it and let it pass.  

It's so wonderful not to be coughing up junk every morning any longer.  I am feeling so much better in a number of ways.  Not so short of breath, better sense of taste and smell, not coughing and hacking all the time.  I can have a good laugh without bringing up a lung! LOL

I am sure that **I** smell better now that I'm not smoking, and my car doesn't have to be fumigated any more.  It really is a great feeling to know that anyone can stop by any time and I won't smell like a cigarette.  

I'm going back to Venice Italy in December and will be with my smoking boyfriend again.  That's going to be tough.  But I am determined now to stay a non-smoker.  I just wish I could get him to quit too....

Well, here's to my first smoke-free month!!!

happy Day 11

I am on Day 11 of new smoke-free life.  Every day it gets a little easier.  I still get cravings.  Some are sudden, unexpected, and strong - they hit like a sucker punch.  But I have learned to just acknowledge, "Whoa, that was a hellava craving" and ride it out like a wave, knowing it will crest and then dissipate.  Some days I will have several episodes of craving, other days I hardly notice that I've quit.  Not sure why that is.  It could possibly related to stress levels - I have become aware that some of my strongest urges come when I am feeling stressed.  I know that in the past, when I was feeling anxious or stressed, it was a normal reaction to light up.  But I realize that succumbing to the urge to smoke is not going to do a single thing to address the cause of my stress, and it will undoubtably increase my stress because I will be stressing over the fact that I am smoking!  So I hang on tight and wait for the feeling to pass.  It always does. 

indifferent Day 4 and still not smoking

Is there anyone out there?  I see very little traffic of late on this site.  

In any case, I am on my day 4 of not smoking, and doing OK.  Every day is a little easier. Still get "the feeling" of something missing  now and then, and remember that I'd usually be smoking.  Coughing up some stuff, which is rather thick and sometimes spotted with brown from smoking, but I know this is normal and that  my lungs are clearing themselves out.  I'll be glad when the coughing part is over.  I remember last time it took a couple of weeks and then all of a sudden, I noticed my chronic cough was gone.  I am starting to have a better sense of smell as well.  

OK, if anyone reads this - let me know I am not alone and talking to myself!

indifferent If At First You Don't Succeed

I am now on Day 3 of not smoking.  I have quit in the past, sometimes for long periods.  Most recently, I quit after a bout of the flu at the beginning of September 2014, and I stayed quit for about a month.  Before that, I quit at the end of September in 2012, and stayed off cigarettes until the middle of April 2013.  But then I met a guy and he is a heavy smoker, and well, you know the drill.  He kept offering and eventually I said yes.  That was all she wrote.

So here I am again, giving up cigarettes.  It's a weird thing how you can love and hate them equally.    But I really am tired of smoking and I want to be done with it for good.

The good thing is I am now living alone. My boyfriend, the smoker, lives in another country, so we can't be together all the time.  I won't see him again for almost four months.  So by the time I go back to see him in December, I will have been smoke-free for one third of a year.  I will just have to remain strong in the face of temptation.

But right now, on day 3, I'm doing OK.  I get the occassional "there's something I should be doing" feeling and realize that normally I'd be going outside for a smoke.  Or I just get an actual craving for a cigarette, and know that's what I want. 

I try picturing my nicotine addiction as a little Devil with a cigarette, and I know when I don't smoke, he starts to lose his power and get a little smaller.  So I don't want to revive him with even one puff!  I want that little sucker to DIE DIE DIE.

It's rather fun to watch him withering away in my mind......getting weaker and weaker as I grow stronger and stronger.