happy Almost 2 Day's!

First of all, I work 3rd shift, 11:pm-7:am. Waking up and getting ready for work was not so bad. But last night at work was a bit shaky. I end up apologizing to two of my coworkers for outburst and had to start monitoring my behavior. I struggled most coming home from work. I never drove without smoking. but I made it through so far. I found out the key to getting past urges is to never entertain the thoughts, they will pass. 

happy Tammie's Quit Smoking Journal

Well I made it through day one! I'm using the last three patches I had from 2006. They were expired but they are working. I called my doctor today so he could call in a 21mg nicotine patch so that i could purchase them through my FSA. They were $70.00 for a 2 weeks supply. Negatively I said to myself 'How expensive for just a 2 weeks supply". Then I thought to myself that's the cost of 2 cartons of cigarettes! So that squashed my negative thinking immediately! I'm getting more enthused about this every minute.

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Member168 enrolled on the free online quit smoking program provided by The Stop Smoking College.

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  • Better health
  • More money
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